Where Nature and Science Meet

- Acquaint yourself with the Elements - 

Striving to meet the highest quality in organic skin care, cosmetics and wellness.


Licensed Esthetician, Certified Aromatherapist and

trained Practicing Herbalist 


Come and have your senses stimulated with exotic essential oil blends

and organic herbal concoctions. Get to the core of your skin care needs and concerns

with non invasive, non toxic treatments that feed the skin with potent essential vitamins

and antioxidants while fighting free radical damage.


Enjoy the ancient art of henna and jagua body adornment.


Specializing in herbal skincare with a scientific yet ancient mindset,

from age management to acne control, beautifying & rejuvenation.

All with the essences of the earth. 

Herbstalk 2017 

I am a woman, I love beauty, I love nature.


Becoming a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Aromatherapist and practicing Herbalist didn't happen over night. In 2010, I decided that there was no motivation in working the uninspiring daily grind anymore. I believed that the world had a gift with my name on it. Having a passion for the wonders nature had to offer,  I set my sights to pursue my desire of Herbal Medicine.


My journey took off with The Boston School of Herbal Studies where I participated in a hands on Certified Intensive Herbal Apprenticeship program. Intrigued by my new found knowledge, I enrolled in Linda Patterson's Aromatherapy program. This then jump started a new way of thinking. Taking these first steps changed my whole life. I started to take various, in depth herbal study courses in Eastern (Chinese), Ayurvedic and Western Medicine, while engaging in hands on case studies.


Armed with knowledge, my everyday practices in life changed. A conscious lifestyle was now underway. Reading labels became second nature, not only with food, but now my skincare and cosmetics. I started noticing the nasty ingredients hidden under all those fancy wraps. Feelings cheated, I decided that I wasn’t going to settle for just anything I put in my body or on my body (and you shouldn’t either!). I wanted to educate others and also be able to cater to specific wellness conditions. 


​The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics was my next stop, completing the Masters Esthetics program, the highest level of skincare education offered in the United States. This introduced me to all levels of beauty.  Having a broad understanding of herbal medicine and now scientific skin care, Elemental Essence was born. Although my desired focus is in holistic skin treatments, I have had the opportunity to work with advanced technology in the ever changing field of Aesthetics. Obtaining a broad range of knowledge pertaining to laser facial treatments, non invasive skin lifting and tightening as well as body contouring using the latest in equipment and products in the industry, aiding to my extensive knowledge on skin types and customized treatments.


I welcome you to explore the different avenues Elemental Essence has to offer. Come learn and partake in holistic yet scientifically proven ways to enhance your skincare routine. Get familiar with herbal and aromatherapies to help your overall being. Gain knowledge on healthy eating choices and habits. Enjoy ancient henna or jagua body adornment. I look forward to getting to know you.


Acquaint yourself with the elements...


~Angelica Kanuha - Owner and Visionary