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Henna & Jagua Adornment

Henna or jagua adornment is an ancient body art technique that temporarily stains the skin in hand laid beautiful designs that can be applied to many parts of the body.

Herbal Wellness Consultations

Explore different avenues in Westernized Herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Herbal remedy preparations, aromatherapy applications and self care suggestions.


Sound Therapy

VST is a unique body treatment that utilizes the power of vibrational sound waves to help deeply relax and restore mind and body.

Learn more here.

Holistic Skincare

Conscious skincare practices lead to a healthy and glowing complexion. Browse the many services or come in for a skin consultation with your licensed aesthetician.

Advanced Skincare

Advanced skincare applications that are safe and effective, taking your skincare practices to the next level. From diamond microdermabrasion to chemical exfoliation, there are many options for your skin type.


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Clay & Herbs Mask

Clay & Herbs Mask

JOLT Mood Inhaler

JOLT Mood Inhaler

Howlite & Mother of Pearl Essential Oil Bracelet

Howlite & Mother of Pearl Essential Oil Bracelet

HE N N A  &  J A G U A


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