"Hello Spring, Will you Marry Me?"

Spring is here and that means love is in the air. Are you a bride to be or know someone who is tying the knot? Did you know that Aromatherapy can be incorporated into your big day while also serving a useful purpose?

Dress up your bouquet with any of these therapeutic scents:

Lavender - Inhale an aroma that cleanses and soothes not just your senses but also your soul. It balances the central nervous system and stabilizes the emotions. Putting you into a relaxed state as you take that first step down the isle.

Mint - Feeling anxious? Mint has been medicinally used to treat nausea for centuries. With cooling like properties, its great for mental fatigue also helping to ease stomach knots and headaches.

Jasmine - Warm your emotions by breathing in this exotic aroma. Famous for being an aphrodisiac, bringing out feelings of love. Inducing positive feelings of confidence, Jasmine restores your energy and revitalizes oneself.

Rose - One of the most sought after wedding flowers, offers a deep perfume of a sweet floral scent. Lifting the heart and easing nervous tension and stress, this flower aids you into having a love filled day.

Chamomile - Helping to ease any tension, anxiety or fear with a fruity apple like scent. Promotes peace and gives patience. A delicate yet tough plant.

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