The Pink Lady

­čî▒Pink Lady Slipper ­čî×Cypripedium Acaule aka Moccasin Flower - Yesterday we stumbled across a large amount of these beauties on our forest walk, which made me very happy considering these are endangered in some states. The Pink Lady Slipper is a member of the orchid family. Sporting a beautiful pink flower, she blooms from May to June usually in wet or dry, mixed pine, acidic forests.

Her root is know as a nerve sedative and was used by Native American tribes long ago to calm the nerves, ease hysteria, insomnia, irritability, mental depression and PMS.

A Walk in the Woods

Pink Lady Slipper was used as a substitute for the European plant Valerian for its sedative purposes. In Victorian days it was used so widely, making this plant practically extinct. It takes many years to go from seed to a mature state. Seed bearing isn't considered sustainable with these flowers. Many Pink Lady slippers have life spans of 20 years or more. Harvesting these beauties are not recommended. If you come across a patch, please admire but do not pick or disturb the soil. Enjoy!

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